Monday, October 3, 2011

Mustache Monday: Paul Grotelueschen

This week, we had the rare opportunity to interview a fellow Trinity-goer, Paul Grotelueschen, about his illustrious mustache. His facial hair is revered on campus, and makes Paul a sought after attendee at school events because of the automatic class added by his luxurious 'stache. Read on, and be amazed. 

Purity, Not Puritanism (PNP): What prompted you grow a mustache?                       
Paul Grotelueschen (PG): I’ve always wanted one, and finally was able to grow one. So I did, kinda. That was really it. And it’s something different, too. In high school I grew out a mullet. I didn’t cut my hair for 2 years, then when I did I kept a rat tail. The mustache is the next stage in my seeking to do something different.

PNP: There’s a rumor that you use hair-enhancing drugs (specifically Rogaine) on your mustache. Can you confirm or deny this rumor?
PG: I deny this, actually. I have never used any hair growth products.

PNP: Have you ever dyed it?
PG: I have dyed it twice -- jet black both times. Also, the mustache wax I use is colored so it gives it a bit darker tint that it’s actual unadulterated state.

PNP: Does it help with the ladies?
PG: Well, for the 50 and older group, yes. I have received infinite comments on my mustache from that demographic. But my girlfriend likes it, so whatever works for her.

PNP: Who is your mustache hero?
PG: This mustache is pretty much modeled after the Agatha Christie character, Hercule Poirot. I am also a big fan of Aaron Rogers’ handlebar mustache.

PNP: What is your idealized mustache, or what shape do you hope to achieve with your ‘stache?
PG: With this mustache, my goal is Rollie Fingers. That’s when the mustache curls a full circle on the ends.

Seems like Paul is close to reaching his goal. We commend him for his mustache boldness. Press on, good Christian soldier. Press on. 

Becca and Kelley

"I understand facial hair, but when it becomes an art..."

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