Monday, January 2, 2012

Mustache Monday: Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin, supah dupah famous for being funny.

Charlie Chaplin, also known to occasionally channel his funny-ness into his mustache.

We get it, the guy was funny, and so his mustache is given some allowance to be funny too. However, it looks like he took a sharpie and drew it in thinking it would make him seem grown up and dignified...the effect is quite the opposite. Granted, he plays a parodied role of Hitler in the Great Dictator, and might have taken a cue from him for that particular movie, but last we checked it wasn't a wise idea to imitate Hitler, even if only in style choice. Clearly his work followed him home. If we must be positive, we can say this: at least it balances out his caterpillar eyebrows. Maybe he had a unibrow and decided the excess hair could be put to better use above his lip. Whatever the reasoning behind it, we applaud you for making us laugh, Mr. Chaplin.

Charlie Chaplin, the eighth man in our quest to find a decent mustache. Let's see how he ranked:

Size: 2/5
Originality: 1/5
Style: 1/5
Overall: 4/15

Oh Charlie, your mustache is anything but charming.

Also, Becca once dressed up like Charlie Chaplin, and there's a picture to prove it. Enjoy!

Becca and Kelley

"I would hang around to chat, but I mustache." 

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