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Jenny & Tyler: Open Your Doors

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We love Jenny & Tyler. Jenny and Tyler Somers, a couple from Delaware, make wonderful folksy, soulgrass music. They have five albums currently: A Prelude, This Isn’t A Dream, Faint Not, Love Came Down (a Christmas EP), and their newest album, Open Your Doors. Which is why we’re here. If you are reading this blog and you’ve never heard of Jenny & Tyler, do you ears a favor and keep reading, then check them out. Or stop reading and check them out. Either way, listen to their music!
Here's their website:
Here's their Facebook page:
Open Your Doors was released on April 3rd, and promptly made it into the iTunes top 100 albums. Clearly this is good stuff, folks! It was third out of all Singer/Songwriter albums. In one day!
Open Your Doors is made up of twelve tracks: two instrumental pieces and ten songs, nine of which are original. The tenth is new take on an old hymn that also includes original lyrics. And since we’re currently perusing the digital liner notes, how can you not love a band that uses whiskey bottles as a musical instrument? Seriously!
Here’s the track list:
1. Little Balloon
2. Abide
3. Skyline Hill
4. When Darkness Falls
5. Fear Thou Not
6. Lament
7. O That the Light
8. You Keep Loving Me
9. Psalm 86
10. See the Conqueror
11. Kingdom of Heaven
12. Selah
Now, we’re not musical experts, so we’re not going to do a track-by-track dissection of the pitch, duration, intensity, and timbre of all of these wonderful songs. Here are a few musical laymen’s opinions:
The lyrics are one of the best things about Jenny & Tyler’s music. The songs are weighty with truth and meaning. Jenny and Tyler write honestly and compellingly about their faith (and their love for each other, which is precious). The great thing about this is that the songs don’t really get old, because you’re always hearing the truth and depth of the lyrics.
Another quality thing about Jenny & Tyler is the music itself. Since we can’t write much about that, except that it’s phenomenal, here are some links to a few of the great songs from past albums:
Song for You (Faint Not):
One Eyed Cat (This Isn't A Dream):
Here’s another cool thing—Jenny & Tyler also recorded a cover of Simon and Garfunkle’s song The Sound of Silence. All of the proceeds from the sale of the track go to support social justice work around the world.
Here’s a link to their iTunes page, where you can find their CDs and The Sound of Silence:
And here's a link to the Open Your Doors preview:
And here’s a link to a free download of their C.D. Faint Not:
And here’s a link to their tour page (their concerts are so much fun; Kelley has been to three):
So, as Kelley is currently drowning in paper-writing mode, here is her claim + reason argument: You should check out Jenny & Tyler. Their music is beautifully, skillfully, and thoughtfully made, and listening to it is a joy. We wholeheartedly recommend all of their albums, and especially Open Your Doors.

Our favorites from Open Your Doors: See the Conqueror, Kingdom of Heaven, Little Balloon, When Darkness Falls

Becca and Kelley

Random Open Your Doors fact: Kelley listened to the CD 23 times within a week of getting it.

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