Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hilarious words of wisdom

So one of our best friends introduced us to these videos, which are pretty awesome. This chap records a video each Monday about all sorts of things: faith, homeschool, dating, and just random funny topics. We already have mustaches on Monday, so we're sharing these on a regular weekday.
Since our blog deals with relationships a lot, we thought we share two of them, one for the guys and one for the girls, but you can definitely watch both because they are completely hilarious. Also, check out some of the others, they're pretty hysterical. Side note: he does yell sometimes, so careful of the volume.

First, for the ladies, we have Ten Ways to Get the Right Guy to Like You.

And for the gentlemen, we have Ten Ways to Get Girls to Like You.

Watch and enjoy!

Becca and Kelley

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