Monday, June 11, 2012

Mustache Monday: Retrospective

We're looking back over the 20 mustaches we've reviewed here at Purity, Not Puritanism. Here they are, ranked by score in all there mustachioed glory!

John Waters: 2/15
Charlie Chaplin: 4/15
Paul David Tripp: 5/15
Cary Elwes: 6/15
Shia Lebeouf: 6/15
John Axford: 6/15
Joseph Furst: 6/15
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: 6/15
Salvador Dali: 6/15
Caravaggio: 7/15
Orlando Bloom: 7/15
Anthony Ainley: 7/15
Groucho Marx: 8/15
Mike Profetto: 8/15
Hulk Hogan: 8/15
Ambrose Burnside: 8/15
Clark Gable: 9/15
Nicholas Courtney: 10/15
Roger: 11/15
George Clooney: 11/15

Since Roger got points because he had that HUGE mustache, George Clooney is the lead in our Mustache Monday reviews! However, no one reached the elusive 15/15 perfect score. Alas for the current state of mustaches!

Becca and Kelley

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